Energy Showcase Challenge

Eighteen04 and City of Newcastle have a shared ambition to position our smart city as an experimental platform for solving complex challenges which can be scaled in other cities. This includes addressing urban issues related to the integration of technology into city environments in ways that address prominent challenges such as energy efficiency. 

The energy design challenge is a demonstration project which engages pre-profit startups with globally scalable technology and use IoT to demonstrate and test the efficacy and benefits energy saving devices. This includes analyzing the best solutions for increasing uptake of energy saving devices and articulating how the solutions will benefit citizens, business community and Government.


Showcase Event

A showcase demonstration event will be held 13 December 2018 at Eighteen04 to showcase a selection of startups and their technologies of relevant energy saving solutions.

These businesses will be invited to showcase their IoT technology and demonstrate its potential benefit to the Newcastle Local Government Area. This will be a live demonstration of either pilot installations or purpose build installations for this demonstration.

Those technologies that interest the Newcastle City Council may be asked to submit a proposal to do a broader trial.