Joint Press Release of Eighteen04 and Anditi

27 March, 2018. Newcastle NSW, Australia

Anditi moves to Newcastle to build a Smart City with Eighteen04

After enjoying lakeside views in humble Teralba for three years, Anditi officially joins the
Eighteen04 residents this week. The team of 18 is taking up occupancy on Level 3 of the
former Great Northern Brewery building. The new space allows Anditi to continue to grow,
and it grants connection to Newcastle’s high-speed internet network. However, most
importantly, the move offers the opportunity to collaborate with some of the best innovative,
clean technology minds in Newcastle; SwitchDin, Fernlawn Environmental and Newie

“ the past we've had a system where it's the first to cross the line or the last one standing
is the only one that wins. But that's wasteful. If we can get to where we get many across the
line through collaboration, then as a community we'll reduce our footprint enormously and will
have a much better, much faster development rate and get to a smart city a lot quicker
” -
Peter Jamieson, Managing Director Anditi.

Teaming up with Dr Andrew Mears, CEO SwitchDin, the pair were asked what the aim of the
innovation hub at Eighteen04 is. “It's a case of one plus one equals three. This is about
leveraging our individual comparative advantages to really take on global markets. And
that's the goal here”
says Dr Mears.

Anditi’s move, and thereby the strengthening of Eighteen04, is also a part of the bigger
picture. It’s a part of Newcastle and the Hunter region’s future. Newcastle is moving away
from the traditional incumbent sectors, of resources and logistics towards renewable energy
and clean technology. Initiatives like the Innovation Hub at Eighteen04 provides exciting
opportunities to keep graduates within Newcastle, while it also attracts new talent from
Australian capital cities, and overseas.

Anditi has expanded from 6 employees to 17 over the last 12 months, with projection to grow
significantly more by the end of 2019. Gaining significant traction on a national and
international stage, Anditi’s offers both ‘off the shelf’ analytics products to Australian
businesses, as well as custom built innovative solutions for big corporations internationally.

Press enquiries

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Peter Jamieson CEO - Anditi // // 0436670552


About Eighteen04

Eighteen04 is an inspirational incubator and co-working space for clean tech + smart city based startups in the Hunter Region. 

Located in Newcastle, we provide a physical and cultural space to foster collaboration and networking for tech entrepreneurs.

About Anditi

A technology company, born out of the determination to use big data in a smarter way, Anditi has made spatial insights into an art form. Today, at the forefront of big spatial data analysis, Anditi combines LiDAR with high-resolution imagery to deliver next-
generation products and services. Their team of data artisans makes the impossible possible. They drive innovative solutions to make cities smarter and to secure a sustainable future.