Our Residents

SwitchDin - Dr Andrew Mears

Rooftop solar electricity and battery storage is complex and new technologies are re-shaping the market. SwitchDin simplifies the solar ecology by being the only multi-vendor data integration system for the monitoring and control of major solar and battery systems.

The SwitchDin subscription software service helps solar installers, electricity retailers and facility managers deliver improved energy services to their users, and makes solar and batteries visible to utilities. SwitchDin is early stage with beta customers and a growing partner network.


Fernlawn Environmental - David Puxty

Fernlawn Environmental is dedicated to improving the waste industry. We are achieving that by launching two companies, BinShare and BinCompare as well as stocking SmartBin sensors.

BinShare is an online marketplace for the spare bin space that is wasted each week in our towns and cities. BinShare provides a cash payment to the owner of the bin and a cost and time saving for residents and businesses using the bins.

BinCompare is a waste brokering business that provides great value waste services with a focus on decreasing waste to landfill.


Newie Ventures - Heath Raftery

Did you know an average of 30% of congested downtown traffic is just people looking for a car park? Does this make you feel uncomfortable, frustrated, even angry? Our vehicles of autonomy are quickly becoming vehicles of burden. There’s a better way, and NewieVentures is working on making it a reality. We create Smart Solutions for Smart Cities, that take the pain out of parking.


Past Residents 

Our past residents are an important part of the CleanTech + SmartCity community fabric in our region.

OmniCarbon - Mark Macfarlane

OmniCarbon provides the tools to decarbonise global business by providing business profitable pathways to a low carbon future.


Granite Power Limited - Sean McCracken

Granite Power produces electricity from waste heat sources such as refineries, large diesel generators and ship propulsion systems. We also have an active interest in heat sources from solar thermal and geothermal, and have built the world’s first solar thermal supercritical (Organic) Rankine cycle (6 months before CSIRO).


Batrium - Jaron Ware
Batrium supplies a range of low-cost, next generation, proven Battery Management Systems that will work for all high-power lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries (also called LFP batteries) commonly used in a range of Electric Vehicle (and other) applications. They are highly configurable in both hardware and software, allowing battery systems ranging from a few cells up to hundreds of cells. The modular nature allows systems to easily expand with your needs, reconfiguring as required.

Interested in becoming a resident?

We're currently recruiting new residents for our co-working space, on either a full or part-time basis. Check out our CoWorking facility rates and if you're interested, contact us. Resident applications are screened by the board of Eighteen04 to make sure we get a compelling, optimised mix of residents + ventures.